Works & Team

With one of the best groundwater science teams in the country, we deliver unrivalled value to our wide range of clients for field investigation, groundwater modelling and flow monitoring. As a specialist consultancy, we have a long and comprehensive experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams, including hydrogeologists, ecologists and engineers.

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Sugar mill & distillery of India

Aquifer Recharge for GroundWater Authorities

Urban Development Authorities

Mapping for Port Trust Authorities

Landuse & Mapping for Ministries of housing

Asset Management for Municipal councils

Structural Master planning for various cities of       the world

Why work with us

We are recognised as a good name in the water resource services, dealing with all aspects of groundwater science and groundwater resource management. Our strength and in depth knowledge comes from our well-earned reputation of our high quality, high-calibre hydrogeology and groundwater science team, backed by innovative and unique modelling expertise. This enables us to support a diverse range of clients, with extensive experience in supporting framework based projects with water utilities, local authorities and regulatory bodies