Water Resource Assessment

Water resources assessment: - Water Resources data: Different types of water resources data, monitoring, validation, archiving, and dissemination, and a review of a WRA case study. - Surface water resources assessment: time series analysis of WR data, including: flow duration curves, statistical distribution and trend analysis, extreme value analysis (floods and droughts). - Groundwater resources assessment: assessment of aquifer hydraulic properties and areal extent, recharge and discharge, sustainable yield, and groundwater abstraction. - Water quality monitoring and assessment: requirements for WQ assessment; WQ parameters; WQ monitoring program; Pollution; WQ assessment. - Estimation of water resources data in un-gauged basins and regionalization.

Water using activities: Agricultural water demand, crop water requirement, net irrigation requirement, yield analysis, domestic water use, hydropower water demand, environmental water requirement.

There should be a periodic reassessment on scientific basis of the ground water potential, taking into consideration the quality of the water available and economic viability.

Exploitation of ground water resources should be so regulated as not to exceed the recharge possibilities, as also to ensure social equity. Ground water recharge projects should be developed and implemented for augmenting the available supplies.

Integrated and coordinated development of surface water and ground water and their conjunctive use should be envisaged right from the project planning stage and should form an essential part of the project.

Over-exploitation of ground water should be avoided near the coast to prevent ingress of sea water into fresh water aquifers.